Ironically, everything about this track is money.

Casey808 is a highly-skilled rapper from Hilo, Hawaii. Inspired by his musician father who has a background in both rock and traditional Hawaiian music, Casey has done everything from attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences to learning ProTools to advance his music career. These days, he is releasing absolute bangers that tend to mix hip-hop vibes with Hawaiian flavors. Casey’s latest single is the hard-hitting “Diddy Dre Hov.”

“Diddy Dre Hov” boasts a booming beat that will pick a fight with any speaker system that thinks it goes hard in the paint. Over the beat, Casey808 hits us with unapologetic raps that highlight his impeccable work ethic and love for the finer things in the world. What will catch your attention about the track is that it features extremely clever Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z-related bars that might go over your head. You’ll also f**k with the confidence that Casey808 raps with. Ironically, he truly makes a name for himself in a song that pays homage to other greats.

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