Against My Idols


LOVE6 holds zero back in this absolute gem.

LOVE6 is a Dubai-born, Toronto-raised musician that is destined for superstardom. If you call yourself a fan of music, there’s no way you can walk away from one of his songs not being blown away by his confident deliveries and extremely infectious melodies. While there are several bangers that LOVE6 has released in the past couple of years, “Against My Idols” might just be my favorite.

In “Against My Idols,” LOVE6 takes shots at those who watch his pockets, throw dirt on his name, and expect him to fail. The track boasts a beat that knocks hard as hell but also has these soothing elements that will actually calm your nerves. You’re going to love how LOVE6 hits us with melodic raps that are both passionate and infectious as hell over the beat. Though he insinuates that he will never let his “idols” get to him, he definitely comes across as a dude that is ready to scrap with them, too.

Give “Against My Idols” a shot below.