Lessons of Love

Dré Ali (Ft. Avalon)

I swear, they don’t make smooth hip-hop/R&B joints like “Lessons of Love” anymore.

Dré Ali is starting to heat up. After dropping the very solid When.Life.Really.Starts in 2021, he’s been releasing a bunch of singles, including “SHIT SO PERFECT,” “LEGO,” and “DON’T PLAY WITH ME.” What I think listeners will appreciate about Ali is that his words often sound poetic, and the styles he usually raps with sound pure. Dré Ali’s most recent release, “Lessons of Love,” might be my favorite out of his whole catalog.

I f**k with a good hip-hop love song, and “Lessons of Love” is just that. In it, over this smooth and soulful beat, Dré Ali raps about seeking a love that is resilient, exploratory, and unconditional. What I find dope about his verses is that they sound authentic as hell. You can tell that Dré is simply speaking his mind throughout, and as a result, he comes across as extremely relatable. The song’s icing on the cake is Avalon’s smooth and infectious R&B hook that compliments Dré’s sentiments.

Give “Lessons of Love” by Dré Ali and Avalon a shot below.

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