Phenawm Is All About Calling You "Mine"



R&B that’s soft and infectious.

Phenawm, better known as Phil Sekayi, is a singer and producer from Boston that blesses fans with soft, mid-tempo vibes and soulful lyrics in his music. In 2020, Phenawm released his first single, “Crazy” featuring Semaj. In 2021, he dropped “For You,” “My Side,” “Love Language,” “Dance,” and “Good Love.” Phenawm’s songs are often considered romantic. Matter of fact, most of his pieces are so sensitive that they sound like love letters (Does anyone know if Phenawm is single? Just asking for a friend). Anyway, his discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. This year, Phenawm released his most recent single, “Mine.” 

“Mine” is a sensual, mid-tempo R&B song that will set the mood for anyone. Phenawm goes in-depth with sexy tones and plenty of heartful images, which perfectly intertwine with his charm and heavenly vocals. However, he sings about more than sex; he also describes love in a raw and passionate way. Even better, he does so with a modern twist. The song blends an infectious trap beat with piano keys to craft something perfect for Valentine’s Day. So, hold your boo close and press play below to find out if he’ll call you “Mine.”

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