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Let Me Go

Daniel Caesar

This track will have your emotions in a blender.

It’s Daniel Caesar season, y’all (Try to say that fast five times)! Last week, we rated a spankin’ new single from him called “Do You Like Me.” Though I enjoyed listening to the track, it didn’t quite have me in my feels. “Let Me Go,” the Toronto singer’s latest single, definitely accomplishes what I need it to.


“Let Me Go” is the definition of smooth. In the track, which is powered by a slow-burning instrumental that will have your soul feeling like it’s sinking in some quicksand, Daniel Caesar hits us with soothing and slippery vocals that intertwine nicely with his lyrics about accepting and moving on from a relationship that has no chance of being fixed. Though I don’t believe that you can do the Griddy to the track, I do believe that if you’re going through a major break-up, it could finally make you realize that you were doing too much when you tried to throw your exes’ promise ring out the window.

Daniel Caesar’s music makes me want to apologize to all of my exes…

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