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Put It On Camera

Pastel Papi & Samaria

Folks without iPhone storage will get triggered listening to this track.

Pastel Papi is probably cooler than you and I. In his music, the South Central, Los Angeles artist usually dabbles in smooth vibes. Don’t let it fool you, though: In songs like “PUSH,” he lets it be known that he can also hit you with the grittiest of bars. Pastel’s latest single is “Put It On Camera” with Samaria.

In “Put It On Camera,” Pastel Papi and Samaria ask juicy questions to one another. While the former sounds like he’s concerned with getting some from his partner, the latter sounds more-so concerned with the status of their relationship. What I think listeners will enjoy about the song is how smooth it sounds. Not only does it feature soothing R&B production, but you also get infectious and serene vocal performances out of Papi and Samaria. I also think the back-and-forth between the two singers is beyond intriguing.

Give “Put It On Camera” by Pastel Papi and Samaria a shot below.

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