Petting Zoo Is Feeling "Comfortable"


Petting Zoo

A cheery indie song worth playing.

Originally from Norwalk, Connecticut, Petting Zoo is an indie pop band composed of Zack, Bennet, Colin, Joe, and Deegan. Their first single, “Lovin’ Yourself,” was released in 2018. Their debut self-titled EP later came out in 2020. Now based in New York City, Petting Zoo has been working hard at releasing and performing new music. 2022 was a big year for them as they got a chance to perform at several venues, like the Mercury Lounge. They also opened up for The 502s. Their discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Petting Zoo’s latest release is the indie pop single, “Comfortable.”

“Comfortable” has a down-to-earth indie sound that will remind you of the music from the late 2000s. The track could play during a rainstorm or at a crowded coffee shop, and you’d get the same warm feeling listening to it. Content-wise, Petting Zoo takes a fun approach to a rather damper topic. They may not have flashy shades or a large wad of cash, but they’d still make the best cuddle buddy. Its charming and catchy lyrics give it a sound that’ll never leave your head once the song ends. So, while you’re trying to rest or unwind, press play below to help get yourself “Comfortable.”

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