Analog Freak

Mono Clones

An indie rock tune that hits all the right notes.

Lisbon, Portugal-based musical creative, Mono Clones, is a retro-infused modern rock project that creates new edgy songs. During the lockdown, the artist spent his time expanding his knowledge of music production; he learned about mastering, mixing, and everything else in between. Since 2022, Clones has been independently releasing new singles. The best part of this is that everything he makes is new in some form. Some of his previous creations include tracks like “Nothing good happens after drunk a.m.,” “What kind of love are you up for tonight?,” and “Brand new start.” His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. One of Mono Clones’ recently dropped singles is the indie rock tune “Analog Freak.”

The first thing I caught when this song started was that I thought it sounded like something from the 80s. It’s got a feeling of Billy Joel mixed with a tech, almost synth sound. “Analog Freak” is all about the joining of worlds; specifically, yours, as the object of affection, and the artist’s. Lyrics like “Put me on your speed dial / Perk my ears up with the sound of your voice” and “The time has come to please the devil inside / It’s getting real / It’s time you let me in and let our universes collide” are delivered with plenty of passion. It’s all about the listener, an unnamed love, and the love is admitted with an older feel. This hit has just the right amount of retro vibes. So, press play on “Analog Freak” below.

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