That’s Just It

J. Row

J. Row gives a few folks a wake-up call in “That’s Just It.”

You will be scouring the earth for weeks trying to find someone more real than the Texas-born J. Row. Under the influence of greats like Nelly, Jay-Z, Tupac, and DMX, Row has made it a mission to come across as authentic, honest, and trill in every single song he drops. You can find his complete catalog on Spotify. J. Row’s latest single is the smooth “That’s Just It.”

In “That’s Just It,” J. Row calls out so-called pimps that end up in sticky situations with women. Over easygoing/soothing production, he hits us with sly deliveries and steady flows that pair nicely with the soulful vocals from his costar. Row also does a phenomenal job of being clear and concise with his words. Overall, “That’s Just It” is an extremely pleasant listen.

Give “That’s Just It” by J. Row a listen.


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