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Onbar & Orion Song

An R&B tune that you’ll have a “CHANCE” to fall in love with.

Onbar (aka Troy Tuan Truong or The Vietnamese Prince) is a San Jose singer that has a very warm spirit and a stimulating voice. While scouring through his Spotify catalog, the first thing you will notice is how organized it looks. Every song name has minimal words and is capitalized. As for sonically, you’ll realize that most of Onbar’s music boasts chill R&B vibes. With that being said, his latest single is the soulful “CHANCE” with Orion Song.

In “CHANCE,” Onbar and Orion Song talk about being in relationships that helped them see the positive sides of love again. What I absolutely adore about the song is how organic every element of it sounds. Not only does it boasts piano-heavy/gentle production that almost feels therapeutic, but you also get heartwarming lyrics that feel extra relatable, easy-to-digest melodies, and most importantly, vocal performances that feel pure and comforting. All in all, if you are someone who is thankful for everything your partner does for you, I think you will absolutely appreciate “CHANCE.”

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