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Janelle Monae (Ft. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80)

ESPN has been using “Float” for their NBA commercials throughout the season.

Though I didn’t love the second Knives Out, my biggest takeaway from watching the film was how good Janelle Monae was in it. Her charm poked out in every single scene she appeared on. I truly believe her future as an actress is very bright. With that being said, I first fell in love with Janelle in 2008 after hearing her “Tightrope” remix with Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B. (I’m aging both of us). Two years after releasing her last single, “Say Her Name (Hell You Talmbout),” the Kansas City native decided to return to the music scene with “Float.”

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You get an aggressive Janelle Monae in “Float.” Throughout the song, which is powered by this booming hip-hop beat that will slap the hell out of your weak-ass speaker system, she spits confident/braggadocios bars about being on top of her game and reaching a level of success that her competition has yet to reach. While you mainly get aggressive rap deliveries out of Janelle, she does bless us with a melodic hook that is highly infectious. All in all, “Float” is a motivational banger that will go hard in clubs.

Give “Float” by Janelle Monae a shot below.