14 Daze


Which one is Melii in the picture up top?

Melii is a big f**king deal. I see folks run her Spotify numbers up, yet I don’t think her name gets brought up enough when it comes to talking about the best talent under the age of 30. Yesterday, Melii returned to the scene with “14 Daze,” a track that has her sounding like you know who from you know where.

F**k it, I’ll go ahead and say it: “14 Daze” sounds like a Drake song. Not only does it feature a moody beat that gives me Noah “40” Shebib vibes, but the way Melli switches between gritty rapper and passionate singer throughout makes it sound like she could’ve been the Toronto rapper’s backup QB on Take Care. Overall, as a proud Melii apologist, I am ecstatic that she has a song like this in her bag.

Listen to “14 Daze” by Melli below.

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