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Favorite Song


Toosii sort of went left field with this single.

It’s looking like Toosii’s going to make an all-star team in 2023. After releasing the very popular and critically-acclaimed “Magic Potion” a few weeks ago, the Syracuse, NY native has returned to the music scene with a romantic new single called “Favorite Song.”

Recently, Toosii went on tour with Rod Wave; based on this track, I can tell that the Florida rapper had a major influence on him. “Favorite Song” is one of those touching tracks that carefully straddles the line between country music and hip-hop music. As for lyrically, in the song, which samples Tatiana Manaois’ “You Might As Well” hit, Toosii talks about being a great support system and willing lover to a special someone. By the time you listen to the track two or three times in a row (Like I did), it will get stuck in your head right next to your Netflix password.

Toosii is special (There’s no other way to put it, bro).

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