See You

Ava Peris

Ava Peris’ vocal performance on this song will give you chills.

Ava Peris is a singer, songwriter, and record producer that has been involved with music practically her whole life. When the Toronto, Canada native was only six years old, she started “writing poetry and recording over cassette tapes.” Eventually, she “decided to turn her poetry into songs and continued writing, singing, and composing music.” Now, an EP and a few singles in, Ava is on the road to success! Her latest single, “See You,” is, thus far, one of the most refreshing R&B releases of 2023.

In “See You,” Ava Peris talks about craving her romantic partner so much, she is willing to see them at all hours of the day. What you’ll love about the song, which is powered by production that beautifully blends traditional R&B vibes with jersey club vibes, is how Ava uses an absolutely gorgeous, wide-ranging, and spirited vocal performance to make listeners both feel and hear what it sounds like to sweep her off her feet. It’s almost like her partner has a well-written manual on her. All in all, by the time you finish listening to “See You,” you’re going to want the same love Ava has.

Give the very beautiful “See You” a shot below.