Courtney Paige Nelson

A breakup anthem that dials up betrayal.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Courtney Paige Nelson, is a singer and songwriter that initially gained recognition for competing in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23, where she finished in 4th place. After ANTM, she pursued her passion for music and songwriting professionally. Currently, Nelson writes for Sync and has multiple features, writing credits, and cuts for/with other artists and DJs. Since releasing her first full EP back in 2021, the singer’s only continued to gain new listeners. Her specialty involves pop, and she uses it to create mixes that leave a mark. Courtney’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Her latest drop is the pop single “1-800-broke-my-heart.”

By starting off with energetic electro-pop beats, “1-800-broke-my-heart” sets itself up to be a breakup worth remembering. Lyrics like “I’m fully convinced there are no fairy tales and love don’t exist” and “You’ll be great for the next girl who’ll never know you like I did / She’ll get the better version since I gave you my therapist” rawly reflect on the terrible pain of being betrayed by a cheating ex. However, Nelson admits that she’s the one who went in knowing it would end badly. So, is she really hurting, or happy that she’s away from someone like this? Either way, she’s certainly got the confidence to call out someone who did her dirty. At the same time, she’s given us a song that embraces being single and avoids the niceties of a breakup. So, press play below to experience a whirlwind of emotions with “1-800-broke-my-heart.”