Dr. Orgsam


A rock single that explores love and lust.

Canadian music group, Goddess, is a “Glam-punk-rock-cabaret pop band” that crafts tunes that are unlike anything you’ve heard before. The band is comprised of Sri Lankan twins Pramuk and Praveen, drummer Eric, and bassist Nicky G. Their sound will appeal to fans of The Hives, Queen, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Stiv Bators, and The Stooges. Their discography is available on Spotify and Instagram. Goddess’ latest drop is the rock single “Dr. Orgsam.”

Nothing about “Dr. Orgsam” is even close to mild. This song is loud, aggressive, and angsty. Lyrics like “Oh doctor, please won’t you go easy on my wounds / The mind of my abuse is not so twisted next to you” and “Assuming as soon as a message expresses it seductively / My heart will stop it’s racing / My mind will stop it’s chasing” explore the longing ache of lust. There’s a loss of control in many different elements of love as well as the feeling of need for a partner. It takes a lot to get into bed with someone so divine, so we can say we understand. So, press play below to take a visit to “Dr. Orgsam” with the promise of a good time.

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