How Does It Feel

Chlöe (Ft. Chris Brown)

Chlöe took some serious heat from her fans for teaming up with Chris Brown. Folks must be very bored.

What no one is bringing up is how well female R&B is doing. The SZAs, the Summer Walkers, the Jhene Aikos, and the Ari Lennoxs of the world are all eating well right now. So, the next time Diddy tells you that R&B is dead, correct him by telling him that ‘male R&B’ is dead. An up-and-coming female R&B artist that I think has a chance to really blow up is Chlöe Bailey. Today, she decided to return to the music scene with a brand new single titled “How Does It Feel” with Chris Brown.

“How Does It Feel” is powered by a slightly altered version of Usher’s “Throwback” beat from his Confessions album. Over it, Chlöe and Chris Brown pair emotional vocals with lyrical content that shows us what it looks like when the chemistry in a romantic relationship is fractured. Though I doubt that Chlöe and Chris Brown are currently in an entanglement, the passion they display throughout this song is so strong, I have to believe that they have at least traded flirty messages on IG (Let me stop bulls*itting with the fake rumors).

I love that Chlöe and Chris Brown never cheat their fans. Every time I hear them on a song, they put up powerful performances.

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