A pop gem that explores a first-time crush.

Little Rock, Arkansas-based duo, joan, is made up of Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford. Together, the twosome has a catchy pop style that reflects their hometown’s roots. At the same time, they provide listeners with a feel-good sense of warmth and belonging. joan’s infectious sound has resulted in international success; they’ve earned more than 120 million streams, as well as sold-out shows all over the world. The duo has even bigger and better plans for 2023, with their upcoming debut album, worldwide touring, and festival performances. Their discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. joan’s latest drop is the pop single “nervous.”

“nervous” reflects on the emotions of a first crush perfectly. The whole experience is turned into a constant “will they, won’t they” question. Lyrics like “You make me nervous, and now I’m slurring my words / And it’s like you do it on purpose” and “Starting to sweat / Now I’m checking my breath / I don’t know if you notice / You’re my singular focus” reflect on the feelings that go hand in hand with falling in love. This is the kind of positive hit that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. It almost seems like a love letter to you directly. So, press play on “nervous” to reexperience your childhood crushes.