heartstrings (EP)

Reina Subramanian

Reina bears it all in this three-track EP.

The future is now for Reina Subramanian. After releasing her debut single, “Breathe Slow,” in December 2022, she has decided to return to the music scene with a new three-track project called heartstrings

“heartstrings” is one of the purest listens I’ve heard this year. You’ll love Reina’s soothing vocals, vulnerable lyrics, and serene instrumentals. You’ll also appreciate how wide-ranging the project sounds. “heartstrings,” the first track on the EP, boasts a dreamy pop sound, “look the other way” boasts an easygoing/feel-good country music sound, and “all the way through” boasts a comforting folk vibe. Throughout, Reina covers everything from self-empowerment to emotional manipulation to overcoming adversity. All in all, though short, heartstrings feel like the full package.

Give heartstrings by Reina Subramanian a shot below.