Subtle Games

Mezraa x jjad

A mesmerizing R&B tune that’s all about romance.

Montreal, Canada-based musical creative, Mezraa, is also known as Antoine Desrosiers. Mezraa is a music producer who creates unique soundscapes. The artist fuses “Madlib and J Dilla vibes to UK trip-hop atmospherics, like Massive Attack” for a carefully crafted “organic and cinematic sound.” Mezraa’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he teamed up with fellow Montreal musical creative jjad. This Canadian is a singer/songwriter who “takes inspiration from diverse styles and blends them to create a unique neo-soul and R&B vibe.” Together, Mezraa and jjad created the R&B single “Subtle Games.”

For anyone who enjoys lush pop, K-pop, and chill beats, “Subtle Games” somehow embodies all three. The song has vibrant guitar riffs and some rock-feeling moments. Of course, it’s a love song. Lyrics like “Said I just need the shine from the moonlight / Cause I ain’t got the words to describe / Just promise me that you’ll stay for the night” and “Subtle games we play now / She wanna stay, we can dance till the night goes” explore the emotional feelings that come with new love. This hit is all about the discovery, the feeling of playing a back-and-forth game until you know for sure. It toys with our emotions the same way that it toys with the other person’s. However, it’s just soulful enough to bring us back and make us feel loved by the end as the games turn into something more. So, press play below to get seduced by “Subtle Games.”

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