These four albums from this past weekend caught my attention.

Key Glock – GLOCKOMA 2

In my review of Logic’s College Park album, I called him one of the best beat selectors of all time. Key Glock is another person that is fantastic at picking beats. With that being said, GLOCKOMA 2 should only be listened with car speakers.

Key Glock is still reeling from Young Dolph’s death (He mentions that in a few tracks on this album). At the same time, I think he sounds just as focused and upbeat as he sounded in the past. Matter of fact, GLOCKOMA 2 flows so well, it literally sounds like one big track. Throughout the project, Glock never stops talking about his big money, his purple drinks, his pee-colored diamonds, and his ass-kicking ways. He also does work all by his lonesome. You know what, I’ll go a step further: I’m convinced that Key Glock made this album all in one take.

Favorite Tracks: “Dirt,” “Work,” “Chromosomes,” and “From Nothing.”




Jozzy – Songs For Women, Free Game For Niggas

Jozzy is the newest (And probably only) member of Diddy’s Love Records team. That’s fitting because, as of late, the Memphis artist has been garnering praise from music heads all over the globe. This past weekend, Jozzy released a brand new EP called Songs For Women, Free Game For Niggas. To call the project elite would be an understatement. Not only does she put up outstanding Lloyd-like vocal performances, but she also does a great job of bridging the gap between old-school R&B and modern R&B. The project’s icing on the cake has to be Diddy’s classic adlibs that we get every once in a while.

Favorite Tracks: “Alone,” “Favorite Shirt,” “Replay,” “Songs For Women,” and “Don’t Say No.”




BabyTron – Out On Bond

Fresh out of jail, BabyTron is back with a brand new EP called Out On Bond.

This weekend was the first time I listened to a BabyTron song (I feel like the hip-hop version of Shaq). I am not super impressed with what I heard on this EP, but I am also not disappointed. I like the confidence and swag that Tron raps with, but at the same time, do feel like the beats he does his work over sound a little too low quality. Also, I like his punchlines, but at the same time, I feel like he struggles to ride beats at times. Whatever the case may be, Out On Bond is a very listenable project.

Favorite Tracks: “A2Z” and “Out On Bond.”




Tink – Thanks 4 Nothing

As of late, Tink has been singing more than rapping. Just a few months ago, she released an R&B-heavy album called Pillow Talk. In her latest release, Thanks 4 Nothing, Tink actually goes full-blown SZA.

The combination of commercial R&B beats, vulnerable lyrics, and specks of rap makes Thanks 4 Nothing a very good listen. There isn’t much more to say about the project.

Favorite Tracks: “Toxic,” “Let Down My Guard,” “Stingy,” and “Save Your Soul.”




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    1. I know! It was tough that I couldn’t get to it. I’ve been trying to limit my album reviews to about three a week. Maybe down the line I will do a deep dive.

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