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Don Toliver (Ft. Travis Scott)

Don Toliver’s supervisor shines on this track.

Someone who was inexplicably left off Don Toliver’s Love Sick album was Travis Scott. I get the idea of wanting to create your own lane; however, I feel like Don could’ve used Travis to hype folks up to listen to his album even more. With that being said, the good news is this: Travis Scott is featured on the deluxe version of Love Sick. The song he’s on is called “Embarrassed.”


“Embarrassed” is cool. In the track, Travis Scott and Don Toliver use hypnotizing/slurry melodies to sarcastically let us know how humiliated they are by their big chains and big booty women. Though the song is a little too drowsy for me in my current state, if I was high off some purple sprite, I’m sure it would sound so much better.

Give “Embarrassed” by Don Toliver a shot below.