Digital Angel

A dark alternative electronic track.

Digital Angel is a distinct producer that takes alternative pieces and clashes them with edgy genres. While preferring electric vibes, they can make nearly anything work for them. DA’s debut single, “Ultimo Suspiro,” was released in August 2022, making them a newer act with a fresh sound. With that being said, in a short span, Angel has amassed over three million views on TikTok with their dance mixes. Their full discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Digital Angel’s most recent release is the otherworldly single “Underworld.”

“Underworld” has a haunting yet beautiful sound. Filled with dark and gothic synths, it’s a song that’s more than just spellbinding; it’s a celestial and bewitching experience that takes inspiration from micro-genres like witch house, dream pop, and ethereal wave. It captures listeners; not with its lyrics, but with its harrowing instrumentals that will pull you further into an occult fantasy. Just like any depiction of an underworld, this song will have chills running down your spine in a good way. Whether you need a song to play during a full moon or at a local rave, “Underworld” is the choice. So, press play below to experience an unearthly trip to the “Underworld.”


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