Ooh La La

Hunter Falls

A pop single overflowing with feel-good vibes.

Belgium-based singer and songwriter, Hunter Falls, is a multi-talented pop artist who crafts tunes that reflect his multicultural background. While growing up, the singer lived in several different countries. Later, Falls turned the beauty he found in experiencing other cultures into inspiration for his art. With his music, the artist is able to “challenge the boundaries of existing genres” while “utilizing vivid memories to tell stories.” Falls’ discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Hunter Falls’ latest drop is the pop single “Ooh La La.” The song also has a live performance video.

“Ooh La La” hits all the right parts for anyone who loves Maroon 5 and similar artists. Lyrics like “All along, been waiting on the only one to come my way / Now, lightning bolts and thunder rolls ’cause love’s coming down like rain” and “I don’t wanna have no one else / No, nothing can compare to the way you move” offer up plenty of heartfelt declarations thanks to the artist’s sweet and soulful vocals. At the same time, the entire message is clear; it’s you, and it’s always been you. The artist is captivated by someone, and he can’t let them go. This pop tune is ready to dazzle you with its contagious charm. So, press play below and let the hypnotic “Ooh La La” sweep you off your feet.

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