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Red Ruby Da Sleeze

Nicki Minaj

Uh ohhhhhhh!

All of Nicki Minaj’s enemies should be terrified right now. I personally believe she took it easy on y’all in 2022. It looks like in 2023 Nicki is going to come out swinging like a female Tiger Woods. Today, she decided to release a new kick-ass single called “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”

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Let me rephrase the end of my last sentence: Nicki Minaj kicks ass in her new single called “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.” Backed by a slightly altered version of Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oh)” beat, Nicki calls out her doppelgangers and brags about her cars, her guns, and her man. While the biggest thing that will stand out to you about this track is how ready for smoke the “Super Freak” creator sounds, please do not sleep on her highly intoxicating hook.

When Nicki raps like this, she’s top 10, dead or alive.