Bri McKay

A motivational pop tune designed to keep us going.

Bri McKay is an alternative pop artist who started her career early on. McKay first began training professionally at the age of 9, learning various styles, including musical theatre, pop, rock, and gospel. In addition to recording, writing, and singing, she is also a skilled actress, dancer, and choreographer. McKay’s unique style takes influence from Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Prince, and Madonna. At the 2021 One Earth Awards, she placed Silver for Best Performance Based Music Video for “Unapologetically,” and Bronze for Best Pop Song for “No Words.” Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Bri McKay’s latest drop is the pop single “SIDELINES.”

“SIDELINES” sounds like the kind of pop song that you would want to keep close to your heart at all times. With its upbeat and intense backbeats, you would think that it is a rugged track; however, it’s actually a piece meant to keep you standing after everything goes wrong. Lyrics like “Trying to focus, see clear / All these voices everywhere / Everybody keeps staring at me” and “Middle fingers to the sky / Tell them haters bye bye / You ain’t gonna get the best of me” encourage us to keep grinding towards our goals and not to let anyone’s negativity stop us from chasing our dreams. We’re not meant to hide, and our actions are worth being stared at. So, press play below to remember to stay off of the “SIDELINES.”

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