Beautiful People


“Beautiful People” is a track with tons of energy, some retro vibes, and some well-needed motivational words.

Omaha, Nebraska-based artist, Carl Davis (aka BlackLight), has been on fire as of late. What I think music fans will love about the producer, songwriter, and performer is that his songs are usually action-packed, intricate, and meaningful. Throughout the years, BlackLight has garnered tons of streams on platforms such as Spotify, proving that he is a major player in the electronic dance music scene. Recently, he released an exciting new single called “Beautiful People.”

“Beautiful People” is powered by this upbeat, energetic techno instrumental that provides futuristic vibes in a very 90s way. Over it, you get a catchy chorus that is delivered in a bombastic way, and competitive, edgy raps that are delivered in a gritty way. Personally, I love how the two styles play nicely with one another. Additionally, I love how the song never stops pumping energy juice; instead, it does everything in its power to keep you nodding your head, to keep you on your feet, and to keep you feeling uplifted.

In the right setting, I believe “Beautiful People” can provide an empowering experience like no other.