Pretty Girls Walk

Big Boss Vette (Ft. Coi Leray)

Big Boss Vette’s “Pretty Girls Walk” moved the needle last year.

St. Louis native, Big Boss Vette, is yet another female rapper that is booming like an 808. After dropping the sizzling “Outside” three years ago, she really burst onto the scene with “Pretty Girls Walk.” This past weekend, a Coi Leray remix to the latter hit streaming services.

“Pretty Girls Walk” is a track that is meant for nightclubs with serious speaker systems. In the song, which is powered by this slick, bass-booming beat, Big Boss Vette and Coi Leray talk about their crispy clean vajayjays, their freaky ways, and their competitive spirits. Personally, what I enjoy about the track is that it has a raw sound, but at the same time, is explosive enough to force some head nods out of you. All in all, I’m trying to hear this track at Rose Bar this weekend.

Give “Pretty Girls Walk (Remix)” a shot below.

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