Pick Up The Pieces

Austin Awake, Lil Brows & Clever

Someone send “Pick Up The Pieces” to anyone that doesn’t know your worth.

I’ma keep it a stack with you: I can’t get enough of emotional music. There’s something about artists pouring their hearts out in their records that I can’t get enough of. Three artists that are beasts at making emo music are Austin Awake, Lil Brows, and Clever. In “Pick Up The Pieces,” a song that features the trio, they shine when it comes to pulling at heartstrings.

“Pick Up The Pieces” is all about being with someone who is able to put up with your growing pains. The song is powered by a beat that has some heavy thumps and riveting vibes. What Clever adds is an emotional hook that will almost feel like thumb-tack jabs to your heart, while Austin and Brows hit us with emotional verses that ask all the right questions. All in all, “Pick Up The Pieces” is an absolute gem.

Who is cutting onions so early in the morning?