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tickle your heart


A pop gem that explores a struggling relationship.

Stockholm, Sweden-based musical creative, Estherlivia, is also known as Esther Ribbstedt Österman. Estherlivia is a singer, songwriter, and producer. The artist initially began her career working as a producer in her childhood home in Mariestad, Sweden. In terms of her work, Estherlivia’s distinctive sound has transformed since its conception. “Old school hip-hop beats laid the groundwork, but later, her music evolved into more pop-oriented songs over the beats.” Some of her previous releases include tracks like “I Would Never,” “If I Ever Feel Again,” and “Give Me Love.” These, and more songs, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Estherlivia’s latest drop is the pop single “tickle your heart.”

It’s pop with a side of what could be old rock. This song is a touch of familiarity with a message that is oh-so-common now. There’s an underlying question beneath it all, checking to see where exactly the artist stands with her partner. Lyrics like “Did I take it too far / Left my mind at the bar / did I tickle your heart? / I don’t know where we are” and “If we end this abuse / I will never refuse your love” intimately examine relationship struggles and the desire to regain a partner’s love. There’s a lot of emotion to go off of, and there are not a lot of answers. However, an ear-booming vocal track like this only heightens our interest. So, press play below and get ready for Estherlivia’s relationship to “tickle your heart.”

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