Madam Bandit Solves The Equation Of "Me Plus You"

Me Plus You

Madam Bandit

An electro-pop song that shows love is more than just formulas.

Hailing from North California, Mindy Gledhill, better known as Madam Bandit, is an electro-pop singer and songwriter. Under a strict religious household, Madam became a teen bride and mother. While she carried out her religious duties, she had a strong love for music and a desire to make it. Attempting to juggle both, she set out to record and release several successful indie albums under her given name. Now, under the moniker Madam Bandit, she’s left her oppressive church and has gained a better outlook on life. Her electro-pop alter ego is one that isn’t afraid to be brutally open and honest. Madam’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her newest release is the single “Me Plus You.” The song also has an official visualizer.

“Me Plus You” has a dazzling pop sound. With sweet and dainty vocals, Madam Bandit makes you instantly fall in love. Hoping to capture the heart of her crush, she is at the drawing board running through numbers and equations. However, she realizes that love isn’t as simple as 1+1; it’s all a natural feeling that comes from the heart. We sometimes forget there’s beauty in the messiness that love is; thankfully, this song easily reminds us of that. So, stream Madam Bandit’s “Me Plus You” to hear a song that shows the realness and complexities of love.

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