Moh Flow

“Focus” will get tons of spins at the telly.

Dubai native, Moh Flow, has been on a pretty impressive hot streak. Since about 2020, he has been releasing bangers nonstop, garnering tons of streams in the process. Personally, what I like most about Moh is that his music tends to boast emotional vibes and very passionate vocal performances. Like, you will never leave one of his songs unsatisfied. Speaking of satisfaction, in Moh’s latest single, “Focus,” he talks about wanting his partner to give him A+ loving.

I love me some “Focus.” In the song, which features this intoxicating R&B beat, Moh Flow sounds ready to wife up someone that knows exactly what he needs sensually and companionship-wise. To me, the best part of the song is the infectious melodies that Moh blesses us with. It perfectly aligns with his carefully laid-out thoughts. I also rock with the song’s steady tempo.

Check out “Focus” below.

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