Pink Skully

Showrocka & Cam’ron

Generation Z needs to know how fly wearing pink was back then.

Showrocka doesn’t know I’ve been watching his every move these past couple of months. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the New Haven, Connecticut MC, all you need to know is this: He makes entertaining videos, is one of the hardest-working dudes in the music industry, and most importantly, is one of those “kill-a-rapper” type rappers. Since Rocka’s been killing s**t as of late, it’s only fitting that his latest release, “Pink Skully,” features Killa aka Killa Cam aka Cam’ron!

I grew up on Dipset, so this song is right up my alley. In “Pink Skully,” a track that is powered by a hip-hop version of the kind of music you would hear during an Oscars acceptance speech (BTW, Angela Bassett got snubbed), Cam’ron and Showrocka gift us with hard-hitting verses that have them showing off their pink clothes, their hate for snitches, and their unflappable mentalities. While the former relies on a flow that is choppy in the most impressive way possible, the latter relies on killer punchlines and deliveries that are rawer than 711 chicken wings. I rock with this joint a lot!

Give “Pink Skully” a shot below.

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