We didn’t get to do full reviews for these three albums, but we did get to listen to them.

Blxst – Just For Clarity 2

If this project was longer, I would’ve done two reviews on it. Unfortunately, the rules for this site have changed.

I probably love Blxst’s last album, No Lost Love, a little more than you do. There are about nine tracks from the project that gets played by me on a weekly basis. This past Friday, Blxst returned to the music scene with a new four-track EP called Just For Clarity 2. Literally, every song on it is a smooth R&B banger with real-ass lyrics about sex, money, love, and everything in between. Even though I am starting to become immune to Blxst’s melodies, I still enjoy them enough.





Musiq Soulchild – Victims & Villains

Whoa, who the hell saw a Musiq Soulchild and Hit-Boy album in 2023 coming?

Musiq Soulchild has made three of my favorite songs of all time: “Just Friends,” “Halfcrazy,” and “Love.” Yes, back when I was a jit, I was a major stan of his. Well, it seems like the talented 45-year-old singer is still ticking. In Victims & Villains, a joint album he made with Hit-Boy, Musiq sounds fresher than a Wawas bathroom. Throughout the project, he shines when it comes to creating down-to-earth, infectious neo-soul records. Will the world appreciate Victims & Villains? No. However, if you know you know.




Conway The Machine & JaeSkeese – Pain Provided Profit

Conway The Machine has emerged as my favorite rapper from Griselda. His gritty lyrics and raw deliveries move the needle for me. This past Friday, the Buffalo native returned to the music scene with Pain Provided Profit, a new seven-track project that features some of the gutterest music you will hear on a weekday.

Every single beat on this album sounds colder than Ron DeSantis’ heart. Conway The Machine and Jae Skeese match the beats’ degrees by dropping chilly verses themselves. While Conway shines on the project despite sounding like he’s on cruise control, believe it or not, I feel like Jae Skeese is the one that had his stock rise with his performances.




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