Lex Leosis

Russell Wilson just choked on some water.

Lex Leosis is her. Since emerging onto the music scene, she has turned heads with her “gravely vocal delivery, acrobatic flows, and mastery of instrumentation.” After leaving her rap group, The Sorority, Lex dropped a very impressive jazz/funk-inspired EP called Terracotta. Since then, the Toronto native has been on a hot hip-hop streak. Lex’s latest hip-hop release is the upbeat “DANGEROUS.”

In “DANGEROUS,” Lex Leosis lets us know that she is snatching the finest women in the world; taken or not. What listeners will love about the song is how spirited it sounds. Throughout it, Lex hit us with this sly/cocky style of rapping that pairs very nicely with the slick, uptempo beat. I would say that she kicks asses and takes names, but no one really gets their ass kicked; folks just getting pushed aside.

I would love to hear Anderson .Paak on the remix to this track.

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