Bad Decisions


“Bad Decisions” never sounded so good!

BOBI ANDONOV has one of the best voices in music today. It’s sturdy, it’s versatile, and it makes songs come alive. Fittingly, BOBI draws inspiration from artists such as Prince, Terence Trent D’Arby, and Michael Hutcence, all artists with groundbreaking voices. Some of our hero’s previous singles are the highly successful “Smoke” and “Faithful.” BOBI’s latest release is “Bad Decisions.”

In “Bad Decisions,” BOBI ANDONOV lets us know that his partner’s touch makes him turn into someone who makes worse decisions than George Santos (Obviously, by worse, we mean good… Think sexual decisions). Off the bat, the first thing that will catch your attention about the track is how intense it sounds. Not only do we get production that blends trap vibes with these emotional, horror movie-like vibes, but you also get a vocal performance from BOBI that magically shifts between sounding passionate and subdued. All in all, “Bad Decisions” is scary good.

Do you know what makes me make bad decisions? Liquor!

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