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Wyoming Freestyle


I’m assuming Kanye-land inspired Smino to drop this song.

In my book, Smino’s stock has risen. I’ve always known about him, but I didn’t quite fall in love with his style until after hearing his critically-acclaimed Luv 4 Rent album. Personally, what I like about the project is that it features good vibes and minimal gun talk. Today, the St. Louis rapper decided to return to the music scene with a new single called “Wyoming Freestyle.”


“Wyoming Freestyle” has vibes that are impeccable. In the song, which is powered by alluring production, Smino showcases both his melodic and hard-hitting rap styles. He also showcases his competitive, pimpadocios, and loyal sides. This might just be the best “freestyle” of all time (Yep, I’m indirectly telling you that this ain’t no damn freestyle).

Has Smino cleared Chance The Rapper to you?

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