Ocean Onyx

Interestingly, “TIGER” is a very peaceful song (You get zero roaring).

Gothenburg, Sweden native, Ocean Onyx, is an indie folk/pop singer-songwriter that makes music that pulls at heartstrings. Some of Ocean’s notable releases are the touching “Like a Bear” and the emotional “Wave of Dark Matter.” You can find her full catalog on Spotfy. Speaking of animals, Ocean’s latest release is titled “TIGER.”

Believe it or not, “TIGER” is actually about another animal: A dog. According to Ocean Onyx, the song is about her being a first-time dog owner and feeling “more naked to burn the bridges for whatever comes.” The first thing about the track that will catch your attention is the pacifying/retro-sounding instrumental that Onyx sings over. The second thing that will catch your attention is her voice: It’s comforting, even kill, and spellbinding. The last thing (And perhaps the most important thing) that will catch your attention is Onyx’s lyrics. They straddle the line between sounding poetic and organic. All in all, in “TIGER,” Ocean Onyx puts up a performance that truly feels pure.

Give Ocean Onyx’s beautiful “TIGER” a shot below.