I’m convinced that women are meaner these days.

I say this rarely, but here I go: YOPPA reminds me of the late great Juice WRLD. They have similar voices, similar vulnerable lyrics, and do work over similar beats. At the same time, I feel like he has his own swag. Some of YOPPA’s biggest releases are “Go,” “Zoom,” and “Your Day.” You can catch his full catalog on Spotify. YOPPA’s latest single is “Troubled.”

In “Troubled,” YOPPA talks about the harsh realities that come with a breakup. The song, which is powered by this spirited trap rock beat, features a vocal performance that is hella infectious and slightly numb. As for YOPPA’s lyrics, they straddle the line between sounding vulnerable and edgy. All in all, I think “Troubled” is a track Juice would be hella proud of.

Listen to “Troubled” below.

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