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Love It

Planet Wave House

A vibrant tropical house track that radiates summer vibes.

Ontario, Canada-based music collective, Planet Wave House, creates a variety of uplifting house tracks. By docusing on bright, feel-good original music and mixes, PW House offers up everything from deep house to tropical house EDM. As a result, they find the perfect escape into “a world of sun-kissed beats, tropical vibes, and feel-good melodies that will transport you to a tropical paradise.” All in all, they declare themselves “the ultimate destination for electronic music lovers looking for a little bit of island flavor.” Of course, nothing would be complete without their impressive public playlists. PW House is known for their compilations of dance hits and their own discography. These are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Planet Wave House’s recent releases is the tropical house track, “Love It.”

“Love It” provides an inviting and lush soundscape to keep the feel-good party vibes going strong. While it’s longer than most pieces, it’s worth every second. At slightly over eight minutes, the fully instrumental tropical house track feels like the ideal mini-vacation for anyone in need of an instant escape. The track’s carefree summertime vibes make it the perfect listen. Whether you’re looking for a catchy dance tune or in need of something warm and uplifting, this is it. Planet Wave House gifts us the perfect tropical house tune to instantly immerse us into its world and let our troubles melt away. So, press play on Planet Wave House and experience a taste of paradise to “Love it” all.

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