Que Sera

Angel Carra

A sensual pop single that instantly draws you in.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Angel Carra, is a singer and songwriter with a history of the craft. This Venezuelan native has been exploring her passion for songs since she was a little girl. Carra’s style is a “blend of Latin and international sounds” fused into dark pop with a unique twist. In her work, Carra loves to explore new ideas; she is “driven by curiosity, unifying the broken bonds and illusory divisions between us, a deep sense of mystery and the embodiment of love.” Her music is available on platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Angel Carra’s latest drop is the Latin pop single “Que Sera.”

“Que Sera” is a pop hit that reminds us of J-pop or slow K-pop with a quick, yet sensual story that is all about falling into… something. Lyrics like “Tell me how did you get so deep in my heart? No one’s ever managed to get so damn far” are beautifully delivered thanks to the artist’s smooth and sensual vocals. At the same time, they discuss the feelings of falling into an emotion that could be either lust or a deep passion. There’s really no way to tell. This Latin pop hit is powerful enough to keep us grooving either way, though. So, press play below to experience all the sweet and sultry sounds of “Que Sera.”

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