E epillz henderson (Ft. Showrocka & Antonia Marquee

Everything is done at a high level in this flawless track.

Edward (Epillz) Henderson is a New Haven, Connecticut producer that has been making music since he was only 13 years old. What listeners will appreciate about him is that most of the songs he is a part of feature high-quality beats and are well-structured. Though Epillz doesn’t have an extensive catalog, he’s released a couple of singles in the past two years. One of his latest is “Fall” with Showrocka and Antonia Marquee.

The first thing that catches my attention about “Fall” is the dark, Dr. Dre-like beat that powers everything. That s**t gets your mind ready for a serious adventure. From there, both Antonia Marquee and Showrocka absolutely shine. The former blesses us with a gorgeous and tranquilizing vocal performance, while the latter hits us with a raw rap verse that has him relying on great wordplay and a consistent flow. While the former sounds smitten by a magician with no wands, the latter sounds like someone who can teach a class on keeping it real in a relationship. The combination of everything I just mentioned makes for an amazing listen.

Give “Fall” a shot below.