JRD'N Will "Double Tap" Love

Double Tap


A fast-tempo rap song that embodies puppy love. 

London-based rapper, singer, and songwriter, JRD’N, is here to stay. His ability to use synths, bells, and 808s to make sweet and wavy music portrays his laid-back personality. At the same time, he’s intense enough to touch upon the sweeter topics with a bit of oomph. In 2019, JRD’N dropped his first single, “100,” and then his second single, “Long Distance,” a year later. In 2021, he released a few more singles, including “Roll With Me” and “Sweetstyle 001.” His whole discography is available on YouTube. JRD’N’s latest hit is the quick-paced and lovable “Double Tap.” The song also has an accompanying music video. 

“Double Tap” is an explosion of fast-tempo, energetic, and rhythmic hip-hop sounds. Content-wise, JRD’N takes fans on a journey to the beginning of his new love. He and his new girl seem to go from friends to lovers, as they navigate through their honeymoon phase and into the next levels. It’s all about the sensations of that love and all the good things that come with it. His insecurities of not being good enough push him to be the best, but in the end, it only matters that you two love each other. 

Give JRD’N’s “Double Tap” a shot below.