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Honeyberry 2

Pi’erre Bourne

Pi’erre Bourne says he doesn’t have time for traitors in “Honeyberry 2.”

We all know that Pi’erre Bourne moves the needle as a producer. I feel like he’s also being taken seriously as an artist these days. Several music critics I’ve talked to think highly of Pi’erre’s last project, Good Movie. This weekend, the Atlanta native returned to the music scene with a brand new single called “Honeyberry 2.”

“Honeyberry 2” boasts this action-packed/trippy beat that almost sounds like the kind of music you would hear in a malfunctioning NES game. Over it, Pi’erre brings out his most infectious melodies to call out women who switch sides more than Kyrie Irving. Do I think the song is amazing? No. Do I think jits worldwide will f**k with it? Absolutely!

Honeyberry is a mid fruit.

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