A pop gem about looking for a place to call home.

South Wales native, Hemes, is a musician that draws inspiration from many different countries. Her long-standing passion for music stems from growing up listening to a mix of western and middle eastern music. Heme’s songs are inspired by her “personal experiences of growing up, mental health, and self-discovery.” Some of her previous tracks include “Calm,” “Breathe,” and “Headache.” These are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Hemes’s latest drop is the pop single “Home.” The song also has an official music video.

In “Home,” Hemes talks about finding that one place to land for good. Lyrics like “Packed up my clothes for the fifth time / Cleared out the room that I made mine” and “Always on the run but I’m not running away / Never end up staying where I’m planning to stay” emotionally reflect on the desire to find a place that feels like home. If you feel the same way, this track may hit home for you. So, press play below to let the thought-provoking words of Hemes’s new single help you find your way “Home.”

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