Ni’jah & KIRBY (Ft. Childish Gambino)

“Sticky” is on the soundtrack to Swarm.

One of the most intriguing television shows that you should check out is Childish Gambino’s Swarm. It’s got enough high-profile black characters in it to make you feel comfortable and is also weird enough to be called innovative. This past Friday, a soundtrack to Swarm hit streaming services. While you mainly get tracks from KIBRY and Ni’jah on it, there is one track called “Sticky” that features Childish Gambino.



I don’t know who’s who in “Sticky,” and that’s mainly because everyone’s voice seems to be altered. With that being said, I do think the song is still very damn good. It features a nice tempo, a very catchy hook, and a beat that is strangely infectious as hell. This song practically intoxicates you to death.

Do you know what else is sticky? My gym shorts (I need to stop farting while working out).

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