What It Is (Block Boy)

Doechii (Ft. Kodak Black)

Doechii is a damn swiss army knife.

If you aren’t familiar with Doechii, I highly recommend that you put down your twinkie and do some damn research. She is an up-and-coming talent who raps hard as hell and sings rather beautifully. While I don’t think she has that one hit on her resume that everyone knows, there’s a good chance that her latest single, “What It Is (Block Boy),” can end up being her biggest to date.



“What It Is (Block Boy)” oozes all kinds of old-school vibes. First and foremost, the song boasts this vintage-sounding R&B beat that definitely gives me “No Scrubs” vibes. Secondly, the song features a hook that is on some early 2000s, “Snap Ya Fingers” s**t. Don’t worry, lyrically, Doechii and Kodak Black are on some modern-day hood romantic s**t. While the former relies on strong vocals that I didn’t even know she had in her arsenal, the latter hits us with a raw-ass rap verse that I’m sure he made while holding his jugglers. All in all, I think this is an impressive R&B banger.

Women are weird… Why do they always want a block boy? You don’t hear dudes talking about wanting a block girl…

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