Kevin Gates

In less than two minutes, Kevin manages to make my heart palpitate.

Doesn’t it feel like Kevin Gates has a brand new love for music? Since the start of the calendar year, he has released a bunch of singles, which is interesting because, towards the end of 2022, he dropped a full-blown album (I’m not complaining; just bringing up some s**t I noticed). Anywho, today, the Louisiana rapper decided to return to the music scene with a fresh new single called “Pages.”



“Pages” definitely gives me intro vibes. In the song, which boasts this dramatic trap beat, Kevin Gates passionately raps about protecting his energy, no longer bonding with his old friends, and having a strong connection with GOD. To me, it feels like he’s gearing listeners up to hear more of his deep thoughts. Hey, I’m down for a new album from Gates!

Listen to the short but sweet “Pages” below.

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