Weston Estate Needs To Know "Where Do We Go"

Where Do We Go

Weston Estate

An indie song that will make you wonder.

Hailing from North Carolina, Weston Estate is a 5-piece alternative band consisting of members Srikar Nanduri (guitar), Manas Panchavati (vocals), Tanmay Joshi (vocals), Abhi Manhass (production, bass), and Marco Luka (vocals). Best friends since 14, Weston Estate specializes in music that grapples with the emotions we’re too afraid to face. Since debuting in 2017, they’ve garnered a massive fanbase, tons of streams, and a record label deal with Arista Records. Despite all their accomplishments, they’re still a down-to-earth group. Weston Estate’s impressive discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Their latest single, “Where Do We Go,” shows what heartbreak and regret feel like. The song also has an accompanying music video.

When you end a relationship, there are always thoughts such as “What if I stayed?” or “Would I still be happy?” playing in the back of your mind. “Where Do We Go” explores all of those thoughts with unforgettable and heartfelt lyrics. Holding heavy grief, Weston Estate goes down memory lane to relive the best and worst moments in their failed relationships. All the good seems to outweigh the bad, causing them to want to fall back into a love they know so well. In the end, it’s understood that the goodbyes said were permanent and everlasting. Using an ingenious dream-like sound, Weston Estate dives head first into the complexities of relationships and their demise.

Stream Weston Estate’s “Where Do We Go” to hear a song that shows the hard aftermath of a breakup.

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