Too Hard

Aris & Edi

You get nothing but hungry bars and impressive flows in “Too Hard.”

Aris & Edi are ‘it’ in the Romanian Urban scene. Since they started releasing music together, they’ve brought a refreshing dose of astute lyricism to the table; that might explain why their music is getting gobbled up at a fast rate. Some of the duo’s most popular hits are “I Got Me,” “Confessions,” and “Break Free.” Their latest single is the fiery “Too Hard.”

In “Too Hard,” Aris & Edi let the world know that no one flexes, is as competitive, or works as hard as them. Throughout the song, which features this mean-ass trap beat that has these synths that are so damn infectious, the two talented rappers hit us with very strong flows and slick punchlines. It’s clear they are down to go seven games with their rivals if they have to.

Give “Too Hard” by Aris & Edi a shot below.

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